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Under The Radar
"…she boasts her own band, a trio of talented young musicians who have elevated her sound to new heights with tight bass, pulsating rhythm section and screaming electric guitar"

Hannah Dorman EP review
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"In this day and age where most new artists seem intent on cloning their influences it is refreshing to hear someone who is doing her own thing"

Hannah Dorman Words EP
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Dutch Guy TV
"I hadn’t heard of her before. And now, after listening to her EP, I wish I had!"

Sneaky-Peek: Hannah Dorman Words EP
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Evolution Of Insanity
"It’s safe to say that I could listen to this girls voice all day long and when she eventually releases a full album I’ll definitely be the first to buy a copy."
Music Monday - Hannah Dorman
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Music Matters To Us
"The pop, rock genre artist has risen from her acoustic roots; widened her wings to an improved more driven rock sound."

Music Matters To Us - Hannah Dorman
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"Looking forward to 2013, we set our sites on Hannah Dorman and the release of her EP "Words" this coming February."

New for 2013 - Hannah Dorman
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Abubilla Music
"Super talented with a rocky-pop voice, catchy songs and fabulous to see live."

To listen to in 2013 - Hannah Dorman
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we are surge
"The future is looking bright for this singer-songwriter from Guildford"

Hannah Dorman
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Brooklands Radio
"Hannah’s powerful vocals together with some very tight backing from her band provide an original, fresh and very distinctive sound"
Under The Radar - Hannah Dorman
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